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Lighting Tips For Every Room In Your House

Whether you are looking to improve the lighting for a particular room or you plan for a makeover for the lighting for the entire house, you should keep the following room-by-room tips in mind.

Living Rooms

lighting-remodeling-livingroomIn the living room, the concept of layering light is especially important. You should try to focus more on the use of lights that bounce off the ceiling for ambient illumination. Bouncing light has the tendency to create a sense of brightness in the room and eliminates shadows associated with recessed lights.

You should integrate valance or cove lighting into the living room’s architecture if you desire to achieve ambient lighting bouncing off the ceiling. Another great way to accomplish the ambient lighting is washing the walls with light, which you can do using a valance or soffit lighting, track or recessed lighting directed towards walls, or by use of plug-in floor lamps. You may use table lamps to provide task lighting for a living room such as the adjustable pharmacy-style lamps placed near a game table or reading chair.

You can use the accent lighting in a living room to focus on various architectural elements such as a bookcase or fireplace or a plant, sculpture, or painting. You can use up lights placed on the floor as accent lighting for a plant while track lighting is great as accent lighting for artwork.

Lumens: task lighting for reading should be at least 400 lumens while ambient lighting for a living room should be 1,500 to 3,000 lumens. See here for a good example of a remodeling company that can help you with this layout.


lighting-kitchen-remodelingThe kitchen requires careful consideration of ambient and task lighting. Task lighting for kitchen counters is particularly important since most of the works takes place here as well as over the sink.

One of the major reasons why sinks are usually placed near windows is to take advantage of the natural light. You can complement the natural light using recessed or ceiling-mounted fixtures above the sink. You can use under cabinet lighting to illuminate the countertop work surfaces without depending on the overhead light that can cast shadows over the person working at the counter.

A standard lighting plan for the average kitchen can consist of a ceiling-mounted fixture to provide ambient light, under cabinet fixtures to provide task lighting for counters, and soffit lighting to provide task lighting above the sink., and a pendant to provide ambient or task lighting over the island.

Lumens: Ambient lighting for kitchens should be 5,000 to 10,000 lumens, with task lighting for sink and counters at a minimum of 450 lumens for each area. A kitchen gut remodel can cost upwards of $50,000 depending on the area you live in. Consult a good remodeling company for this.


The bathroom requires careful consideration of the placement of its lighting due to its emphasis on personal grooming that requires one to view himself or herself in the mirror.

The best lighting arrangement is to light both sides of the mirror to avoid casting a shadow on the person standing in front of it.

An effective lighting design features three wall sconces, two on both sides of the mirror and one on the opposing wall.

Lumens: The ambient lighting for the bathroom should be 4,000 to 8,000 lumens while task lighting at the mirror should be at least 1,700 lumens.


bedroom-lighting-remodelingThe two primary concerns in a bedroom lighting plan are closet lighting and bedside reading. For bedside reading, it is advisable to use a wall-mounted fixture with adjustable arms to better direct light on the reading material. Each bedside light needs to have its switch.

For ambient lighting, you can opt for a pair of sconces, architectural lighting, or floor lamps that flank a wall mirror. It is advisable to avoid central ceiling fixtures mounted on the ceiling given that a bedroom is a place where a sympathetic and relaxing atmosphere is needed. When planning light output, consider the paint color of the bedroom light. For closets, use recessed fixtures or fixtures mounted on the ceiling.

An effective lighting plan should include fixtures mounted on the walls that flank table or bed lamps on the nightstands as well as two walls mounted sconces near the dresser.

Lumens: For ambient lighting in the bedroom 2,000 to 4,000 lumens is ideal with at least 500 lumens for reading lights and 400 lumens for closet lights.


This article has looked at some effective lighting tips for the entire house. To ensure that this article does not run for too long, the focus has been on the commonest rooms in every home. Follow the tips for the best lighting plan in your home.

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